Celebrate Ontario 2018

Up to $300,000 for your events.


The Celebrate Ontario program helps New or Existing Tourism Events to enhance programs, activities and services and support innovations that lead to long-term improvements, sustainability and the attraction of additional tourists.

Deadline:  Thursday November 9th, 2017
Maximum Funding: $300,000
Deadline:  Thursday November 9th, 2017
Maximum Funding: $275,000 per year
Deadline: Applications accepted on an ongoing basis
  • Event Bid Application: 2 months prior to bid deadline
  • Event Hosting Application: four months prior to event
Maximum Funding for Blockbuster Event Bid: No set limit
Maximum Funding for Blockbuster Event Hosting: 20% of eligible expenses

A Tourism Event is an event, festival or series of public activities organized annually or biennially within a set period of time, with specific programming and developed with the intention of becoming a tourism driver over the long-term that is marketed to tourists.

A Tourist is an individual (including an Ontario resident) who travels 40 kilometres or more (one-way), or crosses the Ontario border to attend a Tourism Event. Contributors to a Tourism Event (e.g., performers, suppliers, vendors, etc.) are not considered tourists.

An Enhancement Project is

  • an initiative that provides improvements to a Tourism Event’s programming and services or that enhances the tourist experience.
  • designed to increase tourism attendance, tourist expenditures and overnight stays during a Tourism Event.
  • should improve the quality and long-term sustainability of a Tourism Event, and may be promoted and marketed to tourists as a stand-alone initiative.

Eligible Organization:

  • Has legal status for one year or longer as of January 1, 2018 (e.g., organizations established by or under legislation; are federally or provincially incorporated; are band councils established under the Indian Act, Canada; or are other Indigenous organizations that are incorporated).
  • Is not in default of the terms and conditions of any grant or loan agreement with any ministry or agency of the Government of Ontario.
Eligible Tourism Event:
  • Occurs in the Province of Ontario.
  • Is annual or biennial (in the case of New Tourism Events, have the intention of repeating).
  • Occurs between April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019 (For Multi-Year applicants, the second year Tourism Event must occur between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020).
  • Is open to the public at large, without membership in a club or group.
  • Is not primarily commercial in nature (e.g., trade fairs and consumer shows).
  • Is not a symposium, convention, meeting, conference, seminar, clinic or award show.
  • Does not have a sole focus on anniversaries (e.g. civic or national holidays and municipal anniversaries, including the national days of other countries or nations)>
  • Does not seek to attract only a special interest audience or recruit new members (e.g. religious or political gatherings and workshops).
Funding Principals

Enhancements are assessed on their ability to demonstrate:

  • Increased attendance and geographic reach.
  • Increased tourist visitation and expenditures.
  • Improvements in quality of Tourism Events and improved sustainability.
  • Attraction of overnight and out-of-province tourists and visitors to a community through the development and marketing of overnight packages (e.g., theatre/hotel/restaurant discounts) and incentives.
  • Strengthening of Ontario’s tourism brand image throughout Canadian and international markets.

Contact Gladstone Consulting: We bring years of leading experience in matching your organization’s needs to Celebrate Ontario priorities and processes, maximizing your chances for success. Gladstone Consulting will assist you in:

  • Reviewing program priorities and requirements in context of your Tourism Events plans.
  • Reviewing the Application Guide, Grants Ontario Application Form and the Celebrate Ontario Project Application Form (Single or Multi-Year).
Your organization can submit up to one application per event and two applications per organization. Gladstone Consulting will assure you make the best use of every opportunity.

Gladstone Consulting
Email: info@gladstoneconsulting.ca
Tel: (416) 830-4313

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